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About Tea

Although tea has its roots in Ancient China, it is not just a Chinese or even Asian beverage. In fact it is the most popular drink in the world(excluding water). Not only do we drink it for it's taste and thirst quenching values, but much it is also valued for a wide variety of medicinal uses.

Types of Teas:
There are really three types of teas, identified by the method in which they are dried and prepared.

  • Black
  • Green
  • Oolong
  • Flavored Teas

Flavored teas are not a unique type of tea. Flavors, spices, and herbs are added to one of the above types to create these teas. Tea companies use their imagination to concoct just about every flavor you can imagine.

Medicinal value:
Since ancient times, people have believed that tea has a wide range of medicinal uses. Modern research has given credibility to many of these beliefs and identified more In some cases research is not conclusive. Regardless of the final determination as to it's value over time, drink and enjoy because there is no research to suggest that it can hurt you and it just tastes good.

Here are some of the known or suspected medicinal applications:

  • Avoidance of heart disease
  • Cancer and tumors
  • Stomach ailments
  • Sore throats and colds(often flavored with honey)
  • Soothing, relaxing

To bag or not to bag, that is the question...

Western countries are far more likely to use tea bags. They are neat and tidy and easy to lift out of your cup when it has been steeped to your liking.

Asian countries far more often put the tea directly into a pot. Aside from an occasional piece of tea in your cup, there is little other difference.

Other ditties:

  • Americans drink far more Iced teas than hot tea.




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