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Fun & Games- - Chinese Style!


Confucius has probably been quoted more than any other person in history. This is perfectly logical since he lived about as long ago as written history was known.

AND, Confucius is most often mis-quoted in humor and verse. While China Unique provides ample space to Confucius the Philosopher, our Fun page is devoted to the misquotes and the humor.

For a little Confucius fun, see Confucius Says..

Fortune Cookies:

Did you know that fortune cookies were invented in 1907? And they were discovered in none other than ...........San Fransisco

You do not have to wait to go to a restaurant or store to get a fortune from one of several on-line Fortune Cookie Sites.

Here are a couple sites to visit:

Go Fly a Kite:

The next time you fly a kite it will be with the knowledge that kites originated in China thousands of years ago. Kite were first used in China thousands of years ago, around the time of Confucius. There first applications were for military use rather than for fun. Military applications included communications an measuring distances.

Today, kites are pretty much just for fun.


Walking down a busy street in any city in China, you are suddenly startled by loud sounds and noises erupting from an open window near the street. From the street, you hear yelling, laughter and banging sounds(like wood being slammed on a table) . What you have heard is the sound of a Majong game. Majong is popular throughout Asia and is played around the world.

Wei Chi or "Go"

Wei Chi or Go, originated in China thousands of years ago. It is widely popular in Asia and is played by millions of people around the world. There are even an American Go Association.

Wei Chi is a board game consisting of:

  • A board with 19 vertical and horizontal lines, resulting in 361 "intersections". The board is usually made of wood.

  • 180 white stones and 181 black stones. Stones are made of anything from plastic to Clamshell(white) and Slate(Black)

  • Bowls to hold the stones(wood or plastic)

A two player game, Wei Chi is played by placing the stones on the intersections of the horizontal and vertical lines. The object of the game is to capture the most territory or area on the board.

Xiangqi(Chinese Chess)

You can play online Xiangqi(Chinese Chess), one of the most popular games in the world.


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