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Hotels in China

There are many sources of information on hotels, lodging, and amenities. They are available through travel agencies, your company's travel services organization and many, many sites on the Net.

You will find below direct access to some of the best information and resources on the net. The goal of this page is to get you directly to "The best of the best" that this site has seen and surfed.

TIP: Upon check-in at the hotel inquire as to whether they offer airline miles for your preferred air carrier. Often you will receive 500 free miles. Have your airline mileage card handy.

Where to Start:

Going on company business, you may have no choice but to stay in a company approved hotel. Often the company will negotiate a corporate rate. After repeated trips, you may discover lower rates on hotels of equal or better quality than the one you are staying at. What you may not know is that your company may get a rebate from the hotel based upon reaching a minimal numbers of stays by employees, total days stayed by employees,etc. If your company says you stay at a certain hotel, go there. Do not hesitate to report back to your company's travel services organization rates from other hotels.Also express your pleasure or displeasure over the accommodations. Your agency may recommend the hotel, but the individuals handling the reservations office likely has never been there. This aids in future rate negotiations.

For individuals and smaller companies without the benefit of their own travel services, look to travel services in your area who have international experience.

Hotel Quality and other Pointers and Concerns:

As a rule of thumb the value of a high quality hotel increases the further away from home, the less developed the country and the more remote the location. In Asia and especially countries like China, you will appreciate a high quality hotel. As a matter of fact, you may find an average hotel unbearable in some areas.

In selecting a hotel, the location is also of importance. Some hotels may be near restaurants that cater american and european visitors or within an easy walking distance. Other hotels may only offer the hotels' restaurant and local restaurants which usually will not have English menus. If you are just looking for a place to rest your head, or to be near your place of business, this will not overly concern you. If you are planning a stay of several days or weeks, restaurant variety will be more important to you .

Even going out for a walk, especially during a long weekend, can impact your choice of hotels. Some of the hotels will be in areas with less internationally attractive shops. Safety, however will not pose much of a concern as crime is less of a factor in China than most American and European cities. After one visit you will feel quite safe to move around, day or night, just about anywhere you want to go. And, the best hotels will be located in the better areas of town.




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