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Passports and Travel Visas

A valid passport is required to visit almost any country in the world. Passports are issued by your home country and are relatively easy to acquire.

You will need to have a passport picture taken. Then you will need to go to your local city or county passport office to process them. The passport application will be mailed to one of a few passport processing office in the U.S.

You should plan to apply for your passport several weeks before your trip. It takes a significant amount of elapsed time to receive it.


Visas are acquired by applying to the embassy of the country you plan on visiting.

Visas are available in either single entry or multiple entry. Multiple entry costs more, but is the most cost effective for the frequent traveller.

Visas expire six months from date of issue.

Port of Entry VISAs can be obtained. It may result in a major delay at the airport. Calling an associate or contact in country is a requirement. Avoid this manner if at all possible as you do not want to sit in a holding area of the airport for hours after an long overseas flight. In addition, a fine can be imposed. Entry could also be denied.

Bringing Visitors FROM China:

It is not as easy to obtain passports or visas for China(PRC) residents to come visit your country and place of business.

Here are some important things to know and remember:

Invitation Letter: You will need to write an invitation letter for the visitor. Include the name of company officer that is sponsoring the visit.

The invitation letter should include the purpose of the visit, duration of stay, and dates (Ie "in March, 1998).

The visitors whole Chinese name should used in the invitation letter. It must match the passport name.

The visitor will usually be allowed only a single entry(Ie into the U.S.). In areas of the U.S. near Mexico and Canada this means that you can not take the visitor over the border to dinner, sightseeing or to visit a plant in those countries. If this is required, you need to have both a Visa for Canada or Mexico and a multiple entry visa to allow return to the U.S.




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