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Infrastructure in the People's Republic of China can be either fairly good or very poor or anywhere in between. China and it's local governments have invested heavily on infrastructure in Special Economic Zones in successful effort to lure foreign investment. But just outside the zones or in much of the rest of the country, infrastructure can be woefully lacking.

China is planning on spending $1trillion(USD) over the next three years on Infrastructure(Source: Reuters). This is no small amount for any government to invest. For China, the investment is huge.

  • Air-- over two hundred airports. Service available from both local domestic carriers and most international airlines.

  • Ocean-- Large number of ports and harbors handling booming export trade. Served by most international shippers.

  • Inland Waterways-- Well travelled by almost every kind of boat imaginable.

  • Roads and Highways-- Of 1.2m kilometers, about 80% are unpaved. Most highways less than modern and in need of major investment.

  • Rail-- A major means of transportation with over 62500kilometers of track, mostly standard gage.

  • Subway-- exists in the largest cities. Generally, insufficient to handle current and future population.

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Electricity Production: 859billion KWH(1994)

Three River Gorges Project is a major endeavor to build a dam and produce tremendous amounts of electricity to feed the growing demand for energy.


Phone, satellite, internet, systems are readily available in Special Economic Zones. In general readily available in urban and industrial areas.

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