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Abacus This ancient predecessor to the calculator is still in common use today.
Accounting Accounting rules and regulations for operating in the PRC
Adoptions For information on adopting children in the PRC
Advertising Look for or solicit personnel or services in our classified section
Air transportation Provides information on Airlines and Airports
Asian Vegetables Learn about 'em, buy 'em
Astrology What lunar sign were you born under and what does it mean to your life....
Attractions Provides a list and description of must see tourist sites
Banks and Banking Identifies and describes banking facilities in China
Bamboo Everything you always wanted to know
Bicycles Bicycle traffic is the real traffic in China
Big 6 in PRC The Big 6 Accounting firms and other accounting resources
Buddhism One of the major religions in China, originating in India......
Business Case Find some helpful tips to doing a business case in the PRC(or anywhere)
Buy-Sell Contract Description of what a Buy-Sell contract is and how it works.
Capital Provides information relative to Capital asset investments and duties.
Capital Requirements A checklist of capital asset requirements for a startup operation
Chamber of Commerce Describes the CCPIT, the PRC's Chamber of Commerce for international trade
China Business Council Learn about the US-China Business council and access to economic and trade data
Chinese Vegetables About Chinese vegetables, buy seeds for planting
Chop Your signature is not legal, your chop is....
Cities in PRC Learn about the major cities in China
Citizenship Dual Nationalities are not recognized and may pose problems
Classifieds Look for or solicit personnel or services in our classified section
Communications Describes and outlines the various types and level of communications available
Compensation Provides information and guidance on Compensation issues.
Confucius Find the serious side of Confucius information, philosophy and religion
Confucius Says.... The "fun stuff", light-hearted, humorous sayings
Cookbook Find an oriental recipe on-line, lots and lots of them
Country of Origin Describes the meaning and rules of Country of Origin and Local Content
Credit Cards Answers the question: Are credit cards available in China and what ones can I use?
Crime Crime is lower than most other countries, the penalties are harsh.
Cultural Revolution Provides an understanding of what the cultural revolution was and it's impact on China
Culture The lifestyle of the chinese people yesterday and today
Customs and Duties Customs and Duty rates and rules
Dalai Lama Learn about this religious leader from Tibet
Datelines, Chinese Find love and romance online
Ditties A great collection of terms and definitions, many on the light side
Diversity Consider and understand diversity issues in the PRC
Domestic Sales Rights Provides insight to obtaining domestic sales rights
Dress and Attire Trying to decide what to wear for business or pleasure in the PRC?
Duties Provides an understanding of Duties, and Country of Origin
Dynasties Chronology and description of chinese dynasties dating back to ancient times.
Economy Current economic climate data
Education A wealth of information geared to students of all ages about studying China
Email Explores the availability of Email systems from China to a foreign home office
Employee Benefits Provides employee benefits information and rates
Ethics, Business A word about maintaining ethics and values in the PRC
Etiquette Learn and explore proper manner and etiquette while eating.
Exchange Rates Displays information on exchange, theory and current rates
Exhibitions Information on this years' exhibitions held around the country
Expatriates Definition and description of foreign nationals, and their associated costs
Fables, Chinese Surf through pages of Chinese fables
Face So, what is this concept of "Face" all about and why is it important?
Family Find out a little about the family unit and lifestyles in China
Facsimile Machines Availability and use of fax machines
Folk Tales Here is a nice collection. You will want to read them all.
Feasibility Study An in-depth and lengthy project Feasibility Study must be submitted to the PRC
Flag of PRC Learn a little about the flag
Food Find Oriental cooking recipes galore!
Foreign Investment Must read information and links for the potential investor
Foreign Trade Laws Lists and describes the legal articles governing foreign business and investment
Fortune Cookies Look here for an On-line Fortune Cookie!
Fun/Games Visit the fun and games section of this site!!
Games Learn about, and play chinese games online!
GATT Find out the status of China's efforts and plans to join GATT
Geography A look at the geography of the country
Government Describes the makeup of government and the constitution
Health Risks Provides a listing of health concerns while visiting the PRC.
History History of China
Holidays and New Years Identifies the national, local and minority holidays celebrated in China
Hotels Provides information and links on hotels in China
Housing Find a little about housing in China
Human Resources Human resources issues are quite different from the western world, find out why...
Import/Export Information and resources for Import/Export issues and companies
Incorporation, Forms of Describes the forms of incorporating your Chinese enterprise
Intercompany Transactions Detailed information on Intercompany transactions
Internet Identifies major ISPs in China and describes internet resources
Jet Lag Describes jet lag and it's affect
Job Placement Provides access to job placement services in country
Joint Ventures Defines Joint Ventures and contrasts it to WOFE's in China
Kites Go Fly a Kite! They originated in China
Labor Rates Provides information on anticipated labor cost the the PRC
Land Ownership Did you know you can not own land in China?
Language and Dialects Find out how many languages are in use and much more
Law law and legal information
Majong Learn about and even play on-line the most popular game in China
Marketing Contains important information for your marketing plans in China
Medical Provides pre-trip and in country medical information(and checklist) and advice.
Military A look at the military equipment and capabilities of the PRC
MOFTEC China Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation
Money and Banking Provides the answers to your banking questions
Music Boy, I love my MTV!. Learn about music and MTV in China
Names, Chinese It's the Name Game. It's little about Chinese names and..Western names
Negotiations Provides overview for negotiations in the PRC
New and Events Find information and links to the latest news: newspapers, magazines, etc.
New Years Chinese New Years is the most festive holiday of the year.
Packing Tips and Advice Check out tips and advice for what to bring with you on your trip.
Pandas Visit Panda Mania, one of the biggest and best Panda Sites on the net!
Passports and Visas Going to China? Bringing a Chinese employee to your home office? Find out how
Patents Provides information on Patent laws and protections
Payroll Taxes Lists types of taxes and approximate rates, also see Employee Benefits
Philately Here you can find stamps from China. Order, browse or find history.
Ping Ying Find out how Ping Ying can help you read and pronounce Mandarin
Population Find current population information by country, province and cities
Proverbs, Chinese Fun proverbs
Quality Provides an insight into quality issues, including ISO9000
Recipes Find your favorite oriental recipe on line
Red Pandas All about the Giant Panda's cousin.
Religion There are three major religions, but others exist...
Rickshaws Rickshaws are still in use...
Risk, Business Provides an assessment of business risk in the PRC
Romance Find romance online with Chinese Dating Services
Schools in China Contains information on schooling, literacy and other educational information
Shipping, Product Useful information and comparison of Air versus Ocean freight
Special Economic Zones(SEZ) Describes what SEZ's are and how they work
Stamps Find information and access to stamps of China, Hong Kong, Macou and Taiwan
Stock Exchange The Shenzen and Shanghai Stock Exchanges can be accessed here
Subways Provides a description of the subway system in major cities
Tai Chi Learn about an ancient chinese aerobic style exercise that can peel away the stress
Taiwan A brief description and history of Taiwan.
Taxes Provides recent tax rates for federal, province and payroll taxes
Tea The history of tea, types of tea, medicinal uses, tea links, everything about tea.
Technology Transfers It is important to understand the ins and outs prior to investing
Telephones Information on telephones, lines and sell phones
Thousand Year Old Eggs Eat them up.....Demand Planners take note.
Toilets, Eastern Here's something every visitor should know!
Trademarks Provides information on Trademark rules and laws
Trade Shows Information on this years' exhibitions held around the country
Training Training needs, issues and considerations for local staff
Transfer Prices Defines the ins and outs of transfer prices
Translation Services Access to services which translate into Chinese type
Travel Travel information, advise, helpful hints, etc
Trip Planning A useful site for how to plan your trip and what to bring along
TSA's Detailed information on Technical Service Agreements(TSA's) and Billings
Turnover Information regarding anticipated local labor turnover
U - V
Utility Rates Provides utility rate, fee and surcharge information and other internet site links
US-China Business Council Learn about the US-China Business council and access to economic and trade data
Vacations and Holidays Provides information on days provided each year
Vegetables, Chinese How to grow them.
Visas Going to China? Bringing a Chinese employee to your home office? Learn about Visas.
Waterways The Chinese love their waterways
Weather Forecast in China Travelling to China? Check out the current local city weather first.
Wedding Traditions Want to plan a wedding Chinese style? You will find it here.
WOFE or WFOE Defines WOFEs and contrasts it to Joint Ventures in China
Wordfind Puzzle Do a puzzle on China
X - Y - Z
Xpats Useful information you and your family should read before accepting and assignment.
Zodiac, Chinese Explore the Chinese Zodiac, learn the characters and their meaning

China is a huge, vast and diverse country. It is the most populous country in the world.  It has become the world's second largest economy. Only the United States economy is larger. China's history is long and rich. This country guide to China, is loaded with information and content from Panda Bears, to Chinese New Years, Asian cooking, and much more. 


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