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Here you will find the latest News and Events. We do not intend to be a news and events site. But, we do intend to get you to the very best news and event sites on the net for China.

Therefore, without further ado.....

  • Xinhua News Agency, formerly called the "Red China News Agency", and is China's official news agency, with it's headquarters in Beijing. Note, this site reads like you would anticipate the official newspaper of the PRC to read. The Xinhua News Agency boasts a staff of more than 7,00 people in 50 cities in the PRC and in 100 countries.

  • People's Daily, an organ of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party.

  • Shanghai Daily

  • Inside China Today - a good on-line newspaper, with some links

  • China Daily, on online newspaper, geared to foreigners, with a broad variety of topics including general country news, business, money and sports
  • South China Morning Post - Hong Kong's leading English language newspaper


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