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Chinese Military

I was not going to include military information on this site until my nine year old saw the research material on the desk. His first comment was "WOW!" He liked the pictures of planes, tanks and other material. It also made sense to add a little information. While this site is non-political, it is our stated goal to be a comprehensive site. So, we provide you with links to some great pictures and a wealth on military information available on-line in the Internet.

What may be striking is the quality and modern weaponry possessed by the PRC. For all the hunger and poverty, you would expect few modern weapons. Not so. The PRC even has a sizable nuclear arsenal with long range missile delivery capability as well as Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarines.

To dis-spell a common mis-conception: You will not often see military personnel on the streets of China. Tourists and business people are free to travel wherever and whenever they want(except some limits on travel to Tibet). There will be numerous people on the street in uniform. These are police, frequently traffic control, and guards for businesses and stores. The uniforms of many guards are mistaken for military units.

Military Branches:

  • Air Force

  • People's Liberation Army(PLA)

  • People's Armed Police(Internal Security)

  • Second Artillery Corps(Strategic Missile Force)


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