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Human Rights in China

Human Rights is a major issue in the People's Republic of China(PRC). Before we go into the issues of today, let's spend a minute and explore just what Human Rights is. In the literal, Human Rights is the ability of Human Beings to say, act, do, or not say, not act or not do something. While we may say human rights is the ability to have our own beliefs, in the literal we can always have our own beliefs. It is infringing upon the practice and display of those beliefs that becomes a human rights issue. Simply put, it is any control placed upon people by their government.

Freedom is a word often associated with Human Rights. In this context then, freedom is the ability of a person to do or not do.....something.

Being a communist country, freedom of governance is not afforded the people. It is from this restriction that Human rights is abused.

Major Human rights issues in China are centered upon the following issues:

  • Governance(politics)

  • Respect for individual

  • Speech

  • Religion

Being a communist country, many westerners do not know too much about China and often confuse human rights issues with other freedoms. I am often asked "How do you get around the country?" and "Are you allowed to leave your hotel?" And, I'm asked many other questions about freedom and liberty in China. In reality, visitors and citizens are free to move about just about wherever they want. Freedom of expression(speech) is also afforded within limits. Use common sense, limit discussions and avoid speaking out against the government in any way, shape, or form.

One could argue many, many more human rights issues. Birth control and abortion being some of them. But this issue, as with many others, is a human rights issue affecting not just this country, not just communism, but the entire world.

This site has opted to be non-political. As a result we raise the salient points for your research purposes and consideration. We leave further education on this topic to link sites, of which there are many on this topic. We leave it to the reader to sort through the facts, fiction and rhetoric to arrive at what they believe to be the truths. We only request that you think deeply to the issues and not believe everything you read on both sides of the issue. We can offer to be no more neutral than this.

Tiananmen Square Massacre

No discussion or education on Human Rights would be complete without including the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989. Here are a couple of links to sites covering the event and the meaning and impact of it.


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