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Garden Composters, And Compost Tumblers

Experienced gardeners know garden soil needs to be replenished on a regular basis. So, experienced gardeners make compost and plenty of it. It is a free and organic fertilizer, perfect for all of your plants..

Garden composters are a great way to make compost. In addition to being neat and attractive, a garden composter turns yard waste, into rich compost much faster than an untended pile.

"Go Green" Movement:

In addition to home gardeners, schools, businesses and government agencies use composters. Schools use them in teaching environments and in cafeterias. Conscientious restaurants use composters to process waste into rich, valuable soil. Even businesses are now using composters, because it is the right environmental thing to do.

We encourage you to promote composting efforts in your local schools, restaurants and businesses. Let them know it is important to you. Sometimes, all it takes is to get a business to begin composting, is to let them know it important to  you, their customer.

Compost Tumblers and Compost Barrels

A Compost Tumbler, also called Tumbling Composters, are the most popular style of composters on the market. They are attractive in your backyard or garden. They convert yard waste into usable compost, much more quickly than compost bins and barrels.

Compost tumblers and barrels are designed to roll, or turn, mixing plant waste materials, to speed up decomposition.

Did You Know? Under the right conditions, tumbling composters can convert plant waste to rich compost in as little as 14 days!

The most popular models are black, green , and brown. Black composters are popular in northern climates, where the weather is not as warm. Black absorbs more heat, to help speed up decomposition.  If you live in the southern areas of the U.S., and the composter is to be located in a sunny area, black composters might get a little too hot in mid-summer months. Green is a great color in the south,. It blends in with the environment, and does not absorb as much heat.

Compact Compost Tumbler  - This is one of the two most popular compost tumblers on the market. The Original Compost Tumbler is the other.

This Compact Compost Tumbler  (Also called Compact ComposTumbler) makes fast work of kitchen waste, along with yard and garden organic materials. Compact Compost Tumbler quickly recycles organic materials into nutrient-rich compost.

These models are attractive, high quality and very long lasting.

This tumbler produces a 9.5 bushels (approx. 11.8 cups.ft.) of compost, in as little as two weeks (ideal conditions).

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Other popular tumblers from this manufacturer includes: Twin Barrel Compost Tumbler 2, Original Compost Tumbler, and the Back Porch Composter. The Back Porch composter is on wheels for portability.

Compost Bins

Bins are a passive composting method. Composting bins sit directly on the ground. Bins usually do not have a bottom. They do not turn or move. The compost material sits in the bin, slowly decomposing over time. Use a shovel or pitchfork, to occasionally stir and turn the materials. Some gardeners will place a screen under the unit, to keep pests from burrowing under the compost bin.

Because the material is not turned (as often) like a barrel or tumbling composter, it takes longer to convert yard waste into rich, nutrient-laden soil.

Shepherd Compost Bin - If you are looking for a large, very long life bin, the Shepherd Bin is for you. This bin is manufactured from 12 gauge, corrosion resistant PVC coated welded wire. It holds a big, big 30 cubic feet. A "chimney" is built in the middle of the bin. This unique design of this composter, allows more oxygen to the center of the pile, for faster decomposition.

The manufacturer offers a limited 22 year warranty! How's that for backing up your product!?

Made in the USA.

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Guarden Compost Bin - It's new on the market, and it's B-I-G!! This composting bin is for the serious home gardener with a big garden, or for small farms. Pile up all of your yard and garden waste. It will slowly convert into valuable, money saving compost. Made of long lasting Vinyl, it is 4' L X 4' W X 21" H.

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