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Asian and Chinese Vegetables for Planting and Recipes

Most Asian Chinese vegetables are easy to grow. If you have a small garden space, that's okay. Just a few fresh Asian vegetable plants can produce a lot of vegetables to use in your favorite Chinese recipe.

Here are some great Asian vegetable to grow and to use in your favorite Asian, Japanese, Thai or Chinese recipe:

Bok Choy - Sometimes spelled "Bok Choi", is a crunchy vegetable in the cold hardy cabbage family. It is the foundation for many great stir-fries. This non-heading Chinese cabbage is prized for is long, thick-stalked leaves. It is a fast grower in cool weather, and is ready for harvest in as little as 45 days. You can enjoy the bok choy raw or cooked.

Cucumber, Michi Hybrid - This very hardy variety of cucumber, is resistant to cold weather. The straight fruit grows to 14 inches long. It has a green skin, and averages 14 ounces each. It is ready to harvest in about 50 days.

Onion, He-Shi-Ko - Similar to scallions, but with a stronger, slightly hot flavor. It is ideal for stir-fry. If left to flower, the edible flowerheads are sweet and tasty. Try them in containers on your deck. About 60 days to harvest.

Pak Choi - Also called Pak Choy. With it's erect plant habit, Pak Choi is perfect for high density planting. The short, compact plants have a uniform, vase-like shape. Ready to harvest in about 40-45 days.

Radish, Minowase -  This pure white radish has a very smooth root, that is tender and has little pungency. Often seen in Chinatown markets, Minowase has a unique taste and has a brittle, juicy flesh. It is ready to harvest in 45-60 days. 

Snow Peas, Taiching TC 11 - These flat pods grow on compact plants, but branch our very well and produce 3  1/2 inch pods. They are tender and very delicious. They are a perfect addition to stir-fries.About 65-70 days to harvest.

Spinach, Round Leaf - This is an early variety spinach, with large leaves approximately 12 inches tall and 4 inches wide. It is great for cooking in stir-fry recipes, and adds texture to salads. Ready to harvest in about 60 days.


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