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Chinese Mahjong Day


When is Chinese Mahjong Day?

There is some discrepancy about the date to celebrate Mahjong Day. There are two dates referenced on the internet. It is celebrated on either August 1 or April 30. If you love the game of Mahjong, why not celebrate on both days!?

The game of Mahjong originated in Shanghai, China. According to one ancient theory, Mahjong was created by Confucius.  It spread to Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and other Asian countries. It wasn't until the 1920's, that the game of Mahjong arrived in America. It took the country by storm and quickly became the rage.

  Mahjong is a 4 player game of strategy. There is a solitary version. While the original version is Chinese, there are other varieties, most notably Japanese and American. 

The game has 144 beautifully decorated, domino-like tiles made of ivory or bamboo (newer, American game pieces are plastic). The tiles are marked in five categories of tiles: simples, winds, dragons, flowers and seasons.  

National Mahjong Day, celebrated on August 1, clearly was established by an American internet website in 2018. Mahjong Day, celebrated on April 30, appears to have been around longer, but no earlier than 2010 - 2015. It is difficult to determine if it was created in the U.S., but seems to be so.

Other Names: This day is referred to as National Mahjong Day, Mah Jong Day, Japanese Mahjong Day and Mah Jongg Day. 

To participate in this special day, simply play Mahjong with three of your friends. Or, teach someone how to play the game.


 Have a Happy Chinese Mahjong Day


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