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Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

Chinese Language Day, April 20

When is Chinese Dragon Boat Festival? It is the 5 fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar.

Dates:  June 3, 2022; June 22, 2023; June 10, 2024; May 31, 2025

Chinese Dragon Boat Festival commemorates Qu Yuan, an ancient Chinese patriotic poet. It honors Qu Yuan,  Wu Zixu and Cao E. It is said that this holiday has its roots in the worship of dragons. It is a celebration of patriotism and sacrifice.

According to custom, people paddle out onto the water in canoe-like boats, to search for the body of Qu Yuan, who was presumed to have drowned(343-278 B.C.). His body was never found. The dragon race is the most important tradition of the celebration. Over the years, this event evolved into the competitive sport of dragon boat racing.

Chinese Dragon Festival has a number of other traditions. People eat sticky rice dumplings (zongzi), and perform several health related customs, like taking long walks. Mugwort and Calmus is hung, and people drink realgar wine. They also wear perfume pouches.

This is a major holiday celebrated in China. It is also popular in chinese communities in other countries.

Other Names: Duanu or Tuen Ng Festival

 Have a Happy Chinese Dragon Boat Festival!


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