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Chinese New Years

Happy New Years!! Just when you thought that New Years is over, you discover that the real New Years is just about to begin. While the rest of the world is still in it's infancy.... a mere 2,017 years old, the Chinese New Years is 4716. New Years this year falls on Febuary 16, 2018. It is the year of the Dog, a positive Yang year. Chinese New Years, also called the "Spring Festival", is the largest and most festive celebration of the year.

Chinese New Years celebrations last 15 days, and ends with the Kite Festival. New Years is the most festive holiday of the year. It is a time to be home with family and fiends. It is a time to cook and enjoy food together.

Join us in celebrating the year of the Rooster. You will find here some great information and fun things to help you to celebrate the New Year in style!

Chinese, new, years

When is Chinese New Years

Chinese Year 4716 - February 16, 2018. Sign: Dog, a Yang year.

Chinese Year 4717 - February 5, 2019. Sign: Pig, a Yin year.

Chinese Year 4718 - January 25, 2020. Sign: Rat, a Yang year

Chinese Year 4719 - February 12, 2021, Sign : Ox, a Yin year

Chinese Year 4720 - February 1, 2022, Sign: Tiger, a Yang year

Chinese Year 4721 - January 22, 2023, Sign: Rabbit, a Yin year

Chinese Year 4722 - February 10, 2024, Sign: Dragon, a Yang year

Chinese Year 4723 - January 29, 2025, Sign: Snake, a Yin year

Chinese Year 4724 - February 17, 2026, Sign: Horse, a Yang year

Chinese Year 4725 - February 6, 2027, Sign: Sheep a Yin year

Chinese Year 4726 - January 26, 2028, Sign: Monkey, a Yang year

Chinese Year 4727 - February 13, 2029, Sign: Rooster, a Yin year

Chinese Year 4728 - February 3, 2030. Sign: Dog, a Yang year.

Learning about Chinese New Years

Chinese Holidays Learn about Chinese New Years and other holidays in our Holiday section.

Holiday Insights has extensive information and lots of links.

For books and CDs about Chinese Holidays or Culture, visit our sponsor:

Just Having Fun with New Year!

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