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Chinese Names that Work

Here is a list of oriental names that you can really relate to:

Translation/Meaning Name:
Can you stay a while? Wai Go Nao
Premature infant Tai Ni Bei Bi
No Smoking Zone No Tsmo King
Will you please leave Shu Man Go
Are you harboring a fugitive? Hu Yu Hai Ding
Senior Citizen Yung No Mo
Please approach Kum Hia
Stupid Man Dum Gai
Let's Date! Wu Mei
Harvest Time Bei Ling Hai
Who fertilied the field? Hu Flung Dung
What are you eating? Sze Yu Chu Ying
Tonight Show Host Jah Ni Kah Sun
Prices are too high! No Bai Dam Ting
Your Late, the meeting is over Wai Yu Kum Noa
I didn't do it! Wai Hang Mi
I  bumped into the coffee table Ai Bang Mai Ni
You need a face lift Chin Tu Fat
Are you saving electricity? Wai So Dim
When does the next bus arrive? How Long Wei Ting
Aren't you on a diet? Wai Yu Mun Ching
Tow Away Zone No Pah King
Keep out of the water Noh Wei Ding
Music critic Wai Yu Sing Dum Song
Your IQ  is low Yu So Dum
Not very smart Wai Tu Dum
They are arrriving now Hia Dei Kum
Keep out of site Lei Lo
Car Wash Wah Shing Kah
Til we meet again Sze Yu Sum Dei
Something wrong Sum Ting Wong
Less than intelligent lady of the night Wun Dum Ho
We too low. Wi Tu Lo
It's your turn Yu Go Noa

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