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Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation

China Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation(MOFTEC) is the PRC government organization which oversees foreign investment and trade in the PRC. MOFTEC is very powerful, being responsible for the overall administration of China's foreign trade and foreign enterprises. Businesses planning to do business in China need to apply for and obtain approval for their project through this organization. The approval process can be long and frustrating, or relatively quick. The existence of a chinese partner usually paves the way for smooth and quick approval of the project. The local partner can be expected to prepare most of the paper and other groundwork. Wholly owned enterprises, major projects and those seeking significant domestic markets, may experience longer and more frustrating experience and require you to go through layers of bureaucracy before even getting to the right person at the right level.

MOFTEC's main responsibilities include(Source: condensed from MOFTEC Homepage):

  1. Formulation of guidelines, laws policies, regulations and overall administration of the foreign economic and trade sectors of the country.

  2. Formulation of medium and long term import and export plans and strategies.

  3. Guidance and coordination of foreign economic and trade work , approval of foreign trade enterprises and administration of overseas investments.

  4. Formulation and implementation of the PRCs' foreign trade and policies with other countries, and participation in international economic and trade organizations and conferences.

  5. Formulation of guidelines, policies and strategies to attract foreign investment, including supervision and inspection of implementation of foreign investment laws and regulations.

  6. Implementation of policies and administration of loans from foreign governments and foreign assistance programs.

  7. Formulation and implementation of overseas projects.

  8. Formulation and implementation of policies and administration of technology trade with foreign countries.

  9. Participation in the formulation of tariffs, taxation, exchange rates, credit and pricing.

  10. Formulation and implementation of policies, laws and regulations in economic relation with Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macou.

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