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Panda Paw Bai Yun Gives Birth to Baby Panda, Daddy is Shi Shi Panda Paw

Panda Bears

Born August 21, 1999

A baby Giant Panda Bear was born to Bai Yun on Sunday, August 21, 1999 at the San Diego zoo. People all across the U.S. and the world are heralding the arrival of this newborn, giving increased hope for this endangered species that numbers around 1,000.

Successful mating and birth in the wild is a difficult and special event. Births in captivity are even rarer. This new panda, as yet to be named, is a result of an artificial insemination program at the world famous San Diego zoo. The father is Shi Shi. At birth, a panda cub weighs about 5 ounces, so the new arrival is very tiny.


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