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Panda Paw Bamboo, Favorite Food of Pandas Panda Paw


Bamboo is the favorite food of Giant Panda bears. It is grown all over the Panda's habitat. But it also can and is grown in many other parts of the world. In th U.S., many varieties have been imported and flourish in home gardens. They are popular in home gardens where Japanese or asian setting are desired. For others, they just like the challenge of growing something different.

Bamboo Trivia: An adult Giant Panda eats 45 pounds of bamboo per day.

Bamboo can be grown in most climates. It also requires little care and attention, thriving and spreading profusely through it's root system . It is strongly recommended that gardeners create a barrier two to three feet deep around the planting area to contain the spread of the roots to areas beyond where the plants are desired.

There are over 300 varieties of bamboo. Not only is bamboo grown as an ornamental plant, but the shoots are edible. If you eat a variety of chinese food, chances are you have eaten bamboo. Like rice, it has little flavor of it's own and takes on the flavor of the food it is cooked with. While nutritional value is low, it is a good source of fiber. Low nutritional value is one reason Giant Pandas need to eat so much of it. Bamboo shoots command a fairly high market price so it can make a good cash crop.

Bamboo makes great gifts. It is a sign of luck. It is a sign of love. Put it all together on Valentine's Day and you are "lucky in love". For a nice selection for Valentine's Day, other events, or just for you.

Did You Know? Bamboo leaves are poisonous. So, think twice about planting if you have young children.

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